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The AXIOM Project will be presented at the HiPEAC conference 2017

Dear readers, we gladly announce that the AXIOM Project will be presented in the upcoming HiPEAC conference 2017 by Project Coordinator Professor Roberto Giorgi, to be held in January 23rd to 25th in Stockholm, Sweden. If you haven't, this is the right time to reserve you a ticket for the conference. About 600 hundred delegates [...]

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AXIOM at Vienna

Dear readers, April has been a truly productive month for the AXIOM Project. Artemis-ia On April 13th and 14th 2016 members of the AXIOM Consortium attended the ARTEMIS Spring Event 2016, a periodic event organized by ARTEMIS, an Industry Association with a multidiscplinary approach, counting more than 170 members and associates from all over Europe [...]

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AXIOM and Computing Frontiers 2016

Dear readers, today we happily announce that on May 17th 2016, about a week from today, Prof. Roberto Giorgi, AXIOM Project Coordinator, will take part to an Invited Talk regarding his latest paper entitled "Exploring Dataflow-based Thread Level Parallelism in Cyber-Physical Systems" in occasion of Computing Frontiers 2016, in Como, Italy. The presentation will take [...]

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PATC Course: Heterogeneous Programming on GPUs with MPI + OmpSs

We are glad to announce that today, Wednesday 11 May, at 09:00 until tomorrow, Thursday 12 May at 17:00 there is going to be a workshop organized by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, member of the AXIOM Project, about Heterogeneous Programming on GPUs with MPI + OmpSs. Aim of the workshop is to show the efficiency [...]

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AXIOM’s OmpSs demo for easy powerful cluster programming

We are proud to announce that a demo of OmpSs-derived programming model, shooted by AXIOM's partner BSC, was showcased this February at UDOO boot, during the Embedded World. The audience was mainly composed by industry representatives, engineers, entrepreneurs and, concerning the last day, students. EVIDENCE, SECO and Unisi are also going to showcase AXIOM dissemination materials such as [...]

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HiPEAC 2016: the best HiPEAC conference ever

About a month has passed since the end of HiPEAC 2016 conference, and according to the survey submitted by HiPEAC to participants it has been the best HiPEAC conference ever! The HiPEAC circuit has grown more and more over these years, as shown in the picture below. The preparations for HiPEAC 2017 are already started. [...]

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Project Coordinator Roberto Giorgi to take part in the second EU Collaboration Workshop of the TAMS4CPS Project

We're glad to announce that our Project Coordinator Roberto Giorgi has been invited to take part in the second EU Collaboration Workshop of the TAMS4CPS Project on TransAntlantic Modelling and Simulation for Cyber-Physical Systems (, to be held on the 11-12th February 2016 at the International Auditorium, Brussels. The TAMS4CPS project is funded by the [...]

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Scalable Embedded System: Towards the Convergence of High-Performance and Embedded Computing

On October 21-23 Professor Roberto Giorgi, Project Coordinator of the AXIOM Project, published a paper presented in occasion of the IEEE/IFIP Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing 2015, at Porto, Portugal. The title of the paper was Scalable Embedded Systems: Towards the Convergence of High-Performance and Embedded Computing. The presentation of the related paper is available at [...]

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Simulating next-generation Cyber-physical computing platforms

In occasion of Ada-Europe 2015, the 20th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies held on 22-26 June 2015, Madrid, Spain, Carlos Alvarez gave a presentation of the AXIOM Project. The presentation was based on a collaborative paper entitled "Simulating next-generation Cyber-physical computing platforms", written by Burgio Paolo, Alvarez Carlos, Ayguadé Eduard, Filgueras Antonio, Jiménez-González Daniel, [...]

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AXIOM presented at the SAMOS Conference

The AXIOM Project was presented at the SAMOS Conference 2015, July 20 - 23, entitled “Bridging FP7 Framework and Horizon 2020: current and future priorities of Europe”. Scope of the SAMOS conference is in fact to build a forum between European projects and consortia in order to share the current and future commercial/industrial priorities. AXIOM [...]

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