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All the events in which the AXIOM consortium or its members take part.

OmpSs@FPGA on track to become embedded systems programming standard

The AXIOM project was essential to the development of OmpSs@FPGA. “During the AXIOM project, we laid the foundations for making OmpSs@FPGA the programming standard for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and FPGA embedded systems,” explains Carlos Álvarez, a researcher in the BSC Computer Science department. “With OmpSs@FPGA, BSC is leading the way in embedded systems programming,” [...]

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AXIOM at Maker Faire Rome 2017

AXIOM is being hosted by UDOO at their booth during Maker Faire Rome 2017, 1-3 December, in pavilion 7. Researchers from the inter-European project will be available to answer questions, in addition to demonstrating the various aspects of the module they have created. Maker Faire Rome is a showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and [...]

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AXIOM at the Embedded World 2017

Dear readers, we are glad to announce you that AXIOM Project will be at Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany, from 14th to 17th March. Embedded World is the fair for embedded community, where you can find the newest innovations and the experts from all over the world in the same place. AXIOM Project will [...]

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Innovation Radar Prize 2016 – an update on the final results

Dear readers, we're here to update you about the final results of the Innovation Radar Prize 2016. The overall winner of the competition, announced at the European Commission's ICT Proposers Day, Bratislava, Slovakia, on September 26, has been Intrinsic-ID, a spin-off from Philips. The underlying technology at the heart of Intrinsic-ID consists in the exploitation [...]

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AXIOM at Maker Faire Rome 2016 – makers, expect us!

Dear readers, as you know, we are researchers, but we also are makers. So don't be surprised to know that we are going to take part in Maker Faire Rome - and yes, we're going to have our own dedicated space! That's all thanks to the guys of UDOO, whose founders all are involved in [...]

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SECO passes the first phase of the Innovation Radar Prize 2016

Dear readers, here we are to tell you a great news: SECO, member of the AXIOM Project, has passed the first phase of the Innovation Radar Prize 2016 in the category Horizon 2020 ICT Innovator. Below you can see a tweet by Digital Single Market announcing the final contenders that will fly to Bratislava, on [...]

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AXIOM at Vienna

Dear readers, April has been a truly productive month for the AXIOM Project. Artemis-ia On April 13th and 14th 2016 members of the AXIOM Consortium attended the ARTEMIS Spring Event 2016, a periodic event organized by ARTEMIS, an Industry Association with a multidiscplinary approach, counting more than 170 members and associates from all over Europe [...]

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Workshop: Build your own Supercomputer with OmpSs, UDOO ad Arduino

The AXIOM Consortium is happy to announce its participation and engagement in the European Maker Week, a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe across 28 countries promoted by Startup Europe, the European Commission and Maker Faire Rome. The workshop we are organizing together with the UDOO Team focuses on clusters made with UDOO [...]

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The AXIOM Project has passed the 1st review by the European Commission

We're glad to announce that the AXIOM Project has passed the first review by the European Commission with a positive evaluation. The meeting with the reviewer has been held at Santa Chiara Lab, Siena, Italy, on March 22, 2016. The external experts assisting in the project assessment have been An Braeken, Stephan Stilkerich. The Project [...]

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AXIOM’s OmpSs demo for easy powerful cluster programming

We are proud to announce that a demo of OmpSs-derived programming model, shooted by AXIOM's partner BSC, was showcased this February at UDOO boot, during the Embedded World. The audience was mainly composed by industry representatives, engineers, entrepreneurs and, concerning the last day, students. EVIDENCE, SECO and Unisi are also going to showcase AXIOM dissemination materials such as [...]

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