Dear readers,
we are glad to announce you that AXIOM Project will be at Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany, from 14th to 17th March. Embedded World is the fair for embedded community, where you can find the newest innovations and the experts from all over the world in the same place.

AXIOM Project will be at the SECO’s booth and at SECO Lab’s booth (SECO / UDOO). For us it will be a fantastic chance to meet our potential users and all the people that want to know more about the AXIOM world and our technologies. Come to visit us and try our demos!

We will bring our demo Bio Marketing, the app by Herta Security and running on a UDOO X86 Ultra, that should be able to guess age, gender and ethnicity of people standing in front of the camera.You will find also the cluster of UDOO Quad with OmpSs , the programming model by Barcelona Supercomputing Center to optimize performance.

And finally we will present the AXIOM Board, the latest invention from AXIOM, that combines High-Performance Computing , Embedded Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems. AXIOM Board is the result of two years of research powered by seven different partners: University of Siena, Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Forth, SECO, Vimar, Evidence and Herta Security. It conglomerates Arduino, Arm Computing and FPGA. You can read more info at

The Embedded World 2017 will host various tutorials, workshops, poster sessions as well as an industrial exhibition, that will take place in parallel with the conference.