All the internal meetings of the AXIOM Project.

Scalable Embedded System: Towards the Convergence of High-Performance and Embedded Computing

On October 21-23 Professor Roberto Giorgi, Project Coordinator of the AXIOM Project, published a paper presented in occasion of the IEEE/IFIP Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing 2015, at Porto, Portugal. The title of the paper was Scalable Embedded Systems: Towards the Convergence of High-Performance and Embedded Computing. The presentation of the related paper is available at [...]

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Daniele Conti, CEO of SECO, at the University of Siena for the AXIOM Project

Daniele Conti, CEO of SECO, was present today, July 7th 2015, at the University of Siena to share the latest achievements of SECO regarding the AXIOM Project and analyze future strategies with the Project Coordinator Professor Roberto Giorgi, with Professor Antonio Rizzo, leader of WP3 - Scenario Definition and Application Porting, and with Maurizio Caporali, [...]

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First AXIOM Workshop at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

On June 11th and 12th the first AXIOM workshop took place at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Professor Mateo Valero, Scientific Director of BSC, gave a short keynote about the birth of the computer architecture research in Europe with emphasis on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs). The first day was dedicated to tutorials. Afterwards, specific research topics were [...]

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