HiPEAC18 Demos

Maker Faire Rome 2017 Demos

Lauterbach Demo

F2F Meeting Demo

Embedded World 2017 Demo

Board arrival announcement

Maker Faire Rome 2016

A short introduction to the AXIOM Project and its demos by Project Coordinator Roberto Giorgi.

A brief overview at the two AXIOM demos exposed at Maker Faire Rome 2016: OmpSs made by BSC with the support of the AXIOM Project, running on a Cluster of UDOO Quad to optimize performance, and Biomarketing, a face/age/gender/ethnicity recognition application by Herta Security exploiting neural networks.

Another summary of the two demos presented at Maker Faire Rome 2016 by Paolo Gai, EVIDENCE.

A short explanation of the AXIOM Project demos by Stefano Viola, UNISI.

Artemis Spring Event 2016

Follows the entire video of the presentation of the AXIOM Project by Project Coordinator Roberto Giorgi, held at Artemis Spring Event, April 13-14, 2016.

Embedded World 2016

OmpSs FPGA and OmpSs matrix multiplication benchmark in a cluster of UDOO boards

HiPEAC 2015

HiPEAC 2015: AXIOM presentation by Roberto Giorgi / Maurizio Caporali