Flexible board based on

low-power ARM and

accelerated through FPGA


Board-to-board fast interconnects for

scalable and easy programmability

Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module for the cyber-physical era

Goal: European-designed and -manufactured single board computer: The heart of future smart applications

Smart Cyber-Physical System

Smart Home
AXIOM will enable companies, such as VIMAR, to improve real time datas analysis of its Energy Management catalogue and to extend the network from the home to a large number of existing or near future services in collaboration with the municipality or even in a peer-to-peer scenario

Smart Videosurveillance
AXIOM will enable companies, such as HERTA, to deploy their multiple face recognition in real-time in crowded and changeable environments

  • Distributed Sensors
  • Internet of Thinghs
  • Cyber Security

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Project partners

  • BSC (OmpSs), 
  • EVIDENCE(LinuxOS+RunTime), 
  • FORTH(interconnection), 
  • HERTA (videosurveillance), 
  • SECO (which will actually build the computer), 
  • UNISI (coordination, evaluation, dissemination, exploitation), 
  • VIMAR (domotic).

Project Information

START DATE: 01 February 2015

DURATION: 3 years

EC CONTRIBUTION: 3’945’937 euro

COORDINATOR: Prof. Roberto Giorgi 


  • Realizing a small board that is flexible, energy efficient and modularly scalable
  • Easy programmability of multi-core, multi-board, FPGA
  • Leveraging Open-Source software to manage the board
  • Easy Interfacing with the Cyber-Physical Worlds
  • Enabling real time movement of threads
  • Contribution to Standards