The following list of deliverables refers to both public (PU) and confidential (CO) deliverables.

Some deliverables are confidential in conformity with the Consortium Agreement and H2020 guidelines for IP protection.

Del. No.   Deliverable title Availability     Date      Status
D1.1 Project web site PU m3 Delivered
D1.2 Periodic Financial and management report (internal use) CO m12+2 Delivered
D1.3 Periodic Financial and management report (internal use) CO m24+2 Delivered
D1.4 Periodic Financial and management report (internal use) CO m36+2
D1.5 Final Financial and Management report (internal use) CO m36+2
D2.1 AXIOM Dissemination Strategy (internal use) CO m3 Delivered
D2.2 Report on AXIOM Events PU m24 Delivered
D2.3 Final Report on AXIOM Exploitation (internal use) CO m36 Delivered
D2.4 Final Report on AXIOM Events  PU m36 Delivered
D3.1 Scenarios and requirements and Report PU m12 Delivered
D3.2 Report on proof of concepts PU m24 Delivered
D3.3 Software and Report on application porting PU m36 Delivered
D4.1 Programming model extensions PU m12 Delivered
D4.2 AXIOM code generation and instrumentation PU m24 Delivered
D4.3 Evaluation of the compiler and tools infrastructure PU m36 Delivered
D5.1 Operating system and documentation PU m18 Delivered
D5.2 Remote Memory Access (internal use) CO m18 Delivered
D5.3 Parallel programming library and documentation PU m24 Delivered
D5.4 Final operating system and documentation PU m36 Delivered
D6.1 Technical specifications of AXIOM board PU m9 Delivered
D6.2 Hardware design production documents (internal use) CO m24 Delivered
D6.3 System prototype, BSP testing and documentation (internal use) CO m24 Delivered
D6.4 Soft-IPs for the FPGA and documentation (internal use) CO m30 Delivered
D6.5 Interconnect API document (internal use) CO m30 Delivered
D6.6 Final Design Validation Report (internal use) CO m36 Delivered
D7.1 Initial AXIOM Evaluation Platform (AEP) definition and initial tests PU m12 Delivered
D7.2 Design Space Exploration (DSE) on the prototype PU m24 Delivered
D7.3 Performance and energy evaluation of AXIOM PU m36 Delivered