Between January 22-24, 2018, a delegation from the AXIOM Project attended HiPEAC 2018 in Manchester, a technical forum at the forefront of embedded and general-purpose systems.

Professor Roberto Giorgi, the coordinator of the AXIOM project, hosted a 90-minute workshop for Software/Hardware platforms for Cyber-Physical Systems. Attended by representatives from 34 institutions across 13 countries, and covering the main challenges in building robust and efficient CPS hardware—Programmability, Parallelism, Interconnects, Real-Time, and Evaluation toolchain.

Davide Catani of SECO and Paolo Gai of Evidence conversed with many interested representatives from leading research groups and companies; receiving valuable feedback on the conceived industrial application of the AXIOM board, and details on collaboration opportunities to explore.

Furthermore, AXIOM was among twenty companies that had booths in the coffee break area, where we presented the accomplishments of the project to experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems.

Click the following link to watch a video of Roberto Giorgi and Nicola Bettin presenting the video door entry system with iris recognition based on AXIOM system: Video link