We are glad to announce that today, Wednesday 11 May, at 09:00 until tomorrow, Thursday 12 May at 17:00 there is going to be a workshop organized by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, member of the AXIOM Project, about Heterogeneous Programming on GPUs with MPI + OmpSs.
Aim of the workshop is to show the efficiency of portable, efficient programming models such as OmpSs, that are easy to learn and still achieve good performance for clusters and clusters with GPUs.
The points explored in the workshop will be:

  • the hybrid between MPI and OmpSs parallel programming model for future exascale systems;
  • demo of MPI/OmpSs and how to use them to parallelize/optimize incrementally;
  • MPI applications on clusters of SMPs
  • Leverage CUDA kernel with OmpSs on clusters of GPUs

The course will take place in Barcelona Supercomputing Center, within the UPC Campus Nord premises, Room VS208, Vertex Building

The agenda of the event is embedded below.