Dear readers,
today we happily announce that on May 17th 2016, about a week from today, Prof. Roberto Giorgi, AXIOM Project Coordinator, will take part to an Invited Talk regarding his latest paper entitled “Exploring Dataflow-based Thread Level Parallelism in Cyber-Physical Systems” in occasion of Computing Frontiers 2016, in Como, Italy.
The presentation will take place within the “Special Session 2 – Funded International Projects” from 16:05-16:25.

In addition to this, earlier in the morning, 09:55 to 10:45, Prof. Roberto Giorgi will also take part to a Panel entitled “Power Efficiency: Where Are You?” at Panel 2, together with Adolfy Hoisie, Marek Michalewicz, and Tobias Gemmeke.

You can read more on the Computing Frontiers website: