We’re glad to announce that our Project Coordinator Roberto Giorgi has been invited to take part in the second EU Collaboration Workshop of the TAMS4CPS Project on TransAntlantic Modelling and Simulation for Cyber-Physical Systems (www.tams4cps.eu), to be held on the 11-12th February 2016 at the International Auditorium, Brussels.

The TAMS4CPS project is funded by the European Commission with the objective to develop a Strategic Research Agenda for collaboration that will foster transatlantic research in modeling and simulation in the engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

Core of TAMS4CPS is a series of workshops to identify collaboration opportunities between the United States and the European Union. This workshop has been preceded by one in the US focuses on Theme 3 of TAMS4CPS: “Real time modelling for autonomous, adaptive and collaborative CPS”. The Project Coordinator Roberto Giorgi has been identified as someone with strong expertise related to this area.