On 16 to 18 October Maker Faire Rome, the European edition of the itinerant carousel of makers and innovators, took place at Città Universitaria La Sapienza, in the capital city of Italy.
AXIOM dissemination material was kindly hosted at the UDOO booth, thanks to SECO and to the UDOO Team.

The folks of the UDOO Team talked with visitors about the opportunity of adopting the FPGA technology in the Maker domain. The faire scored with over 100,000 participants from various contexts – mainly students, makers or wannabe makers.
AXIOM has also been showcased in the Social Wall of Maker Faire Rome.
Finally, the AXIOM Project has been part of a presentation held by the UDOO Team, titled “UDOO Neo, the IoT board: Linux, Arduino, Wireless and Embedded Sensors to make your home smart”.