We are pleased to announce the availability of a full-time position for 1 Ph.D. grant at the UNIVERSITY OF SIENA, ITALY within the scope of the European Project AXIOM.
This position represents a great opportunity to develop expertise in performance evaluation of reconfigurable and high performance parallel computers, embedded systems and multi-core architectures. The doctoral period typically lasts 3 years, and the program will start November 1st 2016.
The application is open to both ITALIAN and NON-ITALIAN candidates who hold a Master degree or equivalent or who will earn one by October 31st, 2016.
DEADLINE: 29 June 2016
RESEARCH-LINE: High Performance and Reconfigurable Architectures for Cyber-Physical Systems
– Reconfigurable Architectures
– Multi-core and Many-core architectures
– Simulation Technologies
– Acceleration of future applications (with emphasis on Cyber-Physical Systems)
CONTEXT: Our Research is in contact with other leading European Universities and Companies: — We are working with industry leaders and fostering international cooperation for the sake of excellence. The PhD studies will be supported beyond the duration of this project.
The major goal of the AXIOM project is to build the first prototype (with partner SECO) of a new concept Single Board Computer (SBC) based on latest-generation chips that include several cores, custom accelerators, FPGAs (like in Xilinx and recent Intel Xeons) and high-speed but inexpensive custom interconnects. The demand for such systems comes from several application areas, although we are focusing on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). We are experimenting with new, low-level execution models based on an appropriate management of threads both in hardware and in software (especially in the runtime and operating systems). In particular, in Siena we are developing architectural concepts and tools to simulate this new architecture (largely based on the well established HP-Labs COTSon Full-System simulator ) and we are deploying the latest FPGA boards. From this research, we expect a major breakthrough in terms of improved energy efficiency and more predictability and resiliency of clusters of SBCs.
The Ph.D. School of Information Engineering and Mathematical Science of the University of Siena aims to educate scholars in a variety of fields of research in the Information Engineering and Science fields.
Scientific questions regarding this position may be sent by email to Prof. Roberto Giorgi ( – expressions of interest are appreciated.
For administrative questions, please contact Jem Macy ( ) or our Ph.D. Office ( ) — Tel.  +39 0577 235947 / 48 / 49
HOW TO APPLY (please note the fast-approaching application deadline 29/06/2016):
1) Agree with the advisor (prof. Roberto Giorgi) on a specific research project to be submitted.
2) Follow the application guidelines:
– Write research papers (for workshops, conferences, journals).
– Implement research project activities.
– Teach and supervise students.
– Master’s degree in Computer Engineering (or Science) or Informatics (by 31/10/2016).
– Programming Experience (C, C++).
– Willingness to contribute to an international team.
– Willingness to combine formal research with real-world practice in the context of national and international projects.
More information about us:
– We are part of the HiPEAC Network of Excellence ( and we are the coordinator of the AXIOM project ( )
– Department of Information Engineering ( )
Other information:
– About Siena: – A description by Prof. Cetin K. Koc, UCSB: “To me, the best city in the best region of the world.”
– Siena is a small medieval city (50k people) surrounded by the fantastic country-side of Tuscany, only 60 km from the larger industrial area of Florence. The DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE, founded in 1996 and including now more than 70 Faculty members and 50 PhD students and Post-docs, is one of the most active departments in Siena.