Workshop for the European MakerWeek

Date: 31 May from 15:00 to 18:00

Where: Santa Chiara Lab
University of Siena
Via Valdimontone, 1
53100 Siena (ITALY)

Makers are revolutionary people that consider the physical world just another brick of a house always under construction. With this workshop we aim at guiding these hackers-at-heart through the setup and configuration of a cluster of UDOO QUAD boards powered by AXIOM’s OmpSs, a programming model developed to build clusters in a simple way and take them to the supercomputer level.

AXIOM Cluster

The workshop will explore the following points:

– how to build a low cost, low energy consumption cluster based on 4 or 8 UDOO Quad boards;
– how to use the Arduino-compatible microcontroller of UDOO to manage fans; temperature sensors and LCD displays or LED for feedback;
-how to distribute the computation in a simple way using the OmpSs framework.

The duration of the workshop is 3 hours and is divided in 3 main phases: connecting the hardware, configuring the system, running the distributed algorithms.

The speakers are experts on High Performance Computing and engineers of the UDOO Team.