AXIOM: building a reconfigurable (Agile), modular/scalable (eXtensible), easily interface-able (I/O) computer Module for next generation Smart Cyber-Physical Systems, aimed at possibly being the heart of systems ranging from Smart-Home to Smart-Videosurveillance.

PROJECT PARTNERS: BSC (OmpSs), EVIDENCE(LinuxOS+RunTime), FORTH(interconnection), HERTA (videosurveillance), SECO (which will actually build the computer), UNISI (coordination,evaluation, dissemination, exploitation), VIMAR (domotic).

START DATE: 01 February 2015

DURATION: 3 years

EC CONTRIBUTION: 3’945’937 euro

COORDINATOR: Prof. Roberto Giorgi 

More info in the Executive Summary.

AXIOM Poster